Automotive Power Circuit Probe Tester 12V 24V ANCEL PB100 Electrical Test Tool

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Automotive Power Circuit Probe Tester 12V 24V ANCEL PB100 Electrical Test Tool

With the PB100 probe tester, you can check voltage and ground signals in a typical DC circuit. However, the kicker is that you can also use it to send voltage and ground signals. It works like a test light that can power circuits or provide a good known ground. This way, you can effectively test components and circuits without having to break out the old alligator clips and jumper wires. You can power or ground a circuit directly through the top of the device.

-What Can an ANCEL PB100 Do? In fact, this is a very handy tool for many functional circuit tests. For example, you can use it to turn on a blower motor. You can run power window motors, windshield wipers, and even rear window defrosters. But be careful when turning on anything with a motor, especially something with a motor-driven linkage.

Product Properties:

DC voltage range: 0-65V; Resistance range: 0-100 kΩ; Rated current: 1-10 amps; Frequency response of sound passage: 0Hz to 10Khz.
Perform current injection, measurement, ground test, polarity test, continuity test and component activation.
Ergonomic housing design with waterproof, rugged, blow-molded housing, easy to handle and store.
There are 4 modes to diagnose the electrical systems.(DC voltage, AC voltage, Resistance, Diode)
AC- RMS, AC peak to peak, frequency and pulse width for signal testing.
High voltage capability: displays up to 60 volts, 0.1 volt resolution.
8-amp circuit breaker, automatic reset, no button to press.
Three additional modes: MIN / MAX / audible monitoring.
Automatically detects positive, negative and open circuit.
Large color screen LCD with easy to navigate user menu.
Comes with an additional 20ft extension cable.
Find shorts to ground and to voltage.

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