Diagnostic Scan Tool ANCEL FX3000 OBD2 Scanner ABS Oil BMS SAS EPB Transmission

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Diagnostic Scan Tool ANCEL FX3000 OBD2 Scanner ABS Oil BMS SAS EPB Transmission

ANCEL FX3000 Professional OBD2 Scanner Diagnostic Scan Tool with ABS Bleeding Oil EPB SAS Battery Reset, SRS Airbag Transmission Automotive Check Engine Light OBDII

The ANCEL FX3000 OBD2 scanner is a professional diagnostic tool for four systems (engine, transmission, SRS and ABS). It adds 5 special reset functions based on all FX2000 functions, including ABS reset, oil reset, EPB reset, BMS reset and SAS reset. If you value an OBD2 scanner, the ANCEL FX3000 offers comprehensive features in a consumer-friendly package. If you repair a variety of vehicles, the FX3000 offers the versatility to manage many of the diagnostic trouble codes ( DTCs ) from most major manufacturers. DIY car enthusiasts will find the intuitive interface easy to use to complete repairs quickly.

FX3000 can easily diagnose problems with the engine and turn off its warning light. It can not only read and clear codes, but also perform DTC search, O2 sensor test, I/M readiness test, on-board monitor test, live data stream display, freeze frame data display, EVAP system test, retrieve vehicle information, etc.

-Manufacturer-level Diagnostics This scanner will read fault codes related to other critical systems of your car such as ABS, airbag, transmissions, and more, and not just about the engine. When these systems warning lights on the dashboard are flashing, FX3000 can read data from various systems to help you understand the meaning and severity of fault codes. The FX3000 can clear the fault code and turn off the warning light.

-Powerful Compatibility Most OBD2 scanners work with vehicles manufactured after 2001, but FX3000 works on most vehicles that comply with the standard OBD2 protocol, and is compatible with more than 57 car brands.

-Lifetime Free Updates

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