Leak Detection Tester Ancel S300 Automotive EVAP Smoke Machine Diagnostic

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ANCEL S300 Automotive EVAP Smoke Machine Diagnostic Vacuum Leak Detection Tester

The ANCEL S300 Car Smoke Leak Detector is a versatile and professional tool designed to detect leaks in automobile and motorcycle pipe systems quickly and accurately. It supports various types of tests, including intake system testing, exhaust system testing, crankcase system testing, car sealing testing, fuel tank system testing, turbo system testing, and various pipe fitting tests. With the ability to produce a large amount of smoke in just 30 seconds, this device helps mechanics easily detect leaks in pipe systems.

ATV, Heavy Duty/Commercial, Motorcycle, Passenger Vehicle

ANCEL S300 smoke leak detector supports multi-system testing, especially EVAP system
EVAP System Test
Intake System Test
Exhaust Systems Test
Crankcase system test
Car Sealing Test
Fuel Tank System Test
Turbo System Test
Various Pipe Fittings Test

How to work with ancel s300 smoke leak detector?

Step1: Fill in 10ml-20ml test oil (baby oil) to the detector
Step2: Disconnect the pipe that needs to be connect with the detector
Step3: Connect detector with DC12V battery,device starts to work
Step4: The pipe will be filled with smoke,check the leak points

Output pressure

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