Leakage Detector Ancel S3000 Pipe Leakage Tester

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ANCEL S3000 Car Smoke Generator For Cars Pipe Smoke Leakage Detector Leak Locator Pipe Tools Automotive EVAP Gas Leak Locator

ANCEL S3000 Car Smoke Leak Detector is a professional auto pipe leak detect tool. It will help us position cars motorcycles leakage on the pipe systems quickly and exactly, such as Intake System Test, Exhaust Systems Test, Crankcase system test,Car Sealing Test, Fuel Tank System Test, Turbo System Test,Various Pipe Fittings Test..


1.Support Various System Test:

Crankcase System Test; Intake System Test; Car Sealing Test; Fuel Tank System Test; Turbo System Test; EVAP System Test; Exhaust System Test; Various Pipe Fittings Test. (Note: Not applicable to air conditioning system piping) It can quick to find evap leaks

2.Wide Compatibility:

Used to detect leakage of pipe systems on automobiles, motorcycles, snowmobiles, ATVs, ATVs, light trucks, and speedboats. The fuel line leak diagnosis machine is suitable for all makes and models of cars.

3.Powerful Function:

Air-tightness Check, Evaporating Fuel Leakage Check, and Over-heat & Anti-frost protection. If it exceeds the working limit (Over 167°F) it will power off automatically. The evap smoke machine has its own air pump. It does not rely on other air machine and connect the detector with DC12V battery.

4.Easy To Use:

The Smoke Machine Automotive with easy-use function and portable design, can help mechanic produce lots of smoke within 30s to detect the leaks in pipe system (by heating up baby oil). Dramatically reducing diagnostic time.


How to operate?

1.Open the engine cover, and hang the detector in the cover.
2.Disconnect the pipe that needs to be connected with detector. If the pipe needs to be disconnected in the middle. Please secure the other side with a rubber stopple.
3.Secure this side with proper taper stopple/pipe, and connect it with smoke output tube.
4.Connect detector with DC12V battery: red with positive, black with negative. Do not connect in a contrary way.
5.Turn on the power switch, and detector starts to work.
6.Adjust the flow gauge. Control the input smoke value and pressure to make sure the pipe system can afford the pressure.
7.In about 3 minutes, the pipe will be filled with smoke.
8.Observe the floating ball in flow gauge. If the floating ball stays still in the bottom, the pipe is sealed with. If the floating ball is arising or bouncing, the pipe is leaking.
9.Position the leak points by floating ball. If the bounce arises highly, the leakage is serious.
10.Check the leak points. Please use head lamp if necessary.
11.After leak detection, please connect well the wires and pipe.

ANCEL S3000 Advanced Technology:

1. Crankcase System Test

2. Intake System Test

3. Car Sealing Test

4. Fuel Tank System Test

5. Turbo System Test

6. EVAP System Test

7. Exhaust System Test

8. Various Pipe Fittings Test.

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